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Save with our Solar & Battery Solutions

Save 10-30%*

Take control of your energy bill while saving money. Help the environment with a clean, reliable source of energy.


A customized solar system will be installed on your roof by a certified installing partner.

No Up-Front Costs

Choose a solar power purchasing agreement (PPA) or a solar loan and we will take care of the upfront costs.

Our Proven Method for Success

1) Consultation

We first meet to discuss the right system design for you based on your current energy usage. Add a battery to protect your family from power power outages. No hidden fees.

2) System Design

Our design engineers will take precise measurements of your roof and customize a solar system to meet your electricity requirements.

3) Installation

Bella Hem Solar and Roofing takes care of everything from site surveys, permits, inspections, and installation. Most installations complete in one day.

4) Activation

We coordinate with local municipalities for inspections. Once your utility company approves its final inspections, you are all set to generate clean renewable energy to power your home.

Solar Solutions

A Complete Home Solar + Storage Solution

Gone are the days of clunky, piecemeal systems. Our SunPower Equinox® system with SunVault™ Storage is the only home solar + storage system designed by one company. From record-breaking panels to seamless energy storage, every component is designed to work together perfectly for your Oakland, California home!

Seamless Backup Power When You Need It Most

Don’t let bad weather or unexpected outages put your life on hold. By pairing SunPower® SunVault™ Storage with your solar system you can use excess energy generated during the day to power your essential appliances during an outage, such as running your refrigerator or keeping the lights on.

Plus, SunVault™ Storage can help you make the most of the energy you produce – providing more freedom from time-of-use rates and even offsetting some of your evening usage.

Roofing Services

Ensure the quality of your roof for the next 40 to 50 years by having a professional perform its installation. Here at Bella Hem Solar and Roofing we perform top-of-the-line roofing installations at cost-effective prices. If your roof requires attention or if you want a fresh new look for your home, we can help you with a brand new roof. We will thoroughly discuss all of your roofing options and help you select the best roofing for you and your budget.

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Composite Asphalt Shingles

Composite Asphalt Shingles

Composite asphalt shingles are among the easiest roofing systems to install out there today. Also, composite asphalt shingles are a popular roofing option as it is a cost-effective, versatile, and long-lasting material. Since water is a cause for a lot of roofing problems, asphalt shingles are weather resistant and require almost no maintenance. By choosing asphalt shingles you are choosing a durable and easy to install roofing material.

Tile Roof Materials

When you are considering your new roof, you might want to consider the longevity of the roofing material and whether it will be able to maintain its appearance over the course of its lifetime. To make maintenance and repairs potentially easier for your roof, a concrete tile roof might be a good option for you. It is an affordable option that can commonly last for more than 30 years, making it a very wise investment for most homeowners. Concrete tile roofs can also help to cool off your home during the heat of summer by letting heat release through the material and storing warmth in the winter.
Tile Roof Materials
Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

The longer you take to repair or replace a damaged roof could have unsuspected consequences. A damaged roof can lead to further implications in other parts of your home. Water from a leaky roof can permeate and accumulate in places it shouldn’t, which could potentially lead to mold and other hazardous problems. A hole in your roof can also leave your home susceptible to animal and bug infestations. ​When you are faced with a small or a large issue with your roof, we are here to help. Our experienced staff can quickly and effectively resolve the problem with your roof so you don’t have to deal with costlier and time-consuming repairs in the future.

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